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I have a three-strand pearl necklace with an antique clasp that was given to my Grandmother by my Mother in approximately 1950. One of the strands came loose and I took it to Sam for repair. He recommended restringing the necklace and I agreed. His wife noticed that one of the rhinestones was missing in the clasp. Sam looked for a clear replacement stone but it was difficult to obtain just one or two of that particular shape. I then told Sam about the personal and sentimental significance of the necklace and requested that he search for a suitable alternative. Sam came through 100 percent by replacing the clear stones with lovely topaz appearing stones that blend perfectly with the slightly ivory colored pearls. I am so pleased with the result and the excellent customer service provided by Sam. He has a tremendous selection of lovely pieces and is very attentive to his customers. Highly recommended!

Laura M.
Torrance, CA


My husband and I first went to Sam when I wanted to have a ring guard made for my Mom’s anniversary ring. He designed a beautiful ring guard and I couldn’t have been more pleased. He worked with me on design, budget etc. Sam is extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with.

We just recently returned to Sam when my wedding ring (purchased previously to meeting Sam) kept losing small diamonds. After replacing the 3rd small diamond Sam offered to have it looked at by two different jewelers to see how to prevent this. it was determined best to go to a different design.

Sam was very patient with me while I tried many many rings on. Then I found one I fell in love with, but wasn’t sure my original diamond would work in the ring. I didn’t want a new diamond – I wanted to preserve the diamond I was married with.Sam asked for me to trust him and he did not disappoint. When we came back to pick up my ring, it took my breath away. I love my ring!!!

Thank you Sam for always taking such good care of us and working within our budget.

Jan T.
Torrance, CA


My husband and I have been shopping at MJM going back before Sam relocated to his current location. We have always enjoyed the friendly service we receive and the quality of jewelry. We feel Sam is very knowledgable of the product, fair in his prices and is just an all out good guy to deal with. My husbands last two purchases have been without my knowledge and both times Sam’s recondition has been right on. He takes the time to know his customers lifestyle and taste.

Patty K.
Torrance, CA


I have been going to Modern Jewelry Mart for years now and the service is always the best! Sam is extremely friendly, outgoing, and knowledgeable. He recently repaired my diamond Tiffany bracelet after I was unhappy with how it was altered at a different store. He repaired it beautifully, in a timely manner, for an outstanding price! I will definitely not be taking my jewelry anywhere else! You will not be disappointed with Modern Jewelry Mart. Whether you are shopping for a gorgeous new piece of jewelry or having your beloved pieces repaired/altered… Sam is your guy and this is your place!

Heidi M.
Lomita, CA


I needed a ring! And I needed it by the next day (Christmas Eve)! I had called Sam about an hour before telling him my price range. And when I got there he had already chosen for me 3 beautiful diamonds all in my range. Him and the Hospitality of everyone working there was refreshing. And he didn’t make me feel rushed when I was choosing the diamond. The selection was good. And when I saw the cut in the diamond and the sparkle it had to it, I knew it was the ONE! It had my fiance’s name written all over it. He had it ready for me early the next morning in record timing. And it looked … “Magical” And the most important part is that she LOVED IT and She said, “YES!”

Michael M.
Torrance, CA


This review is long over due but recently I sent my younger brother to visit Sam because he is planning on getting engaged. He had actually purchased a ring at a big box membership store but before he popped the question I took him to see Sam and without a doubt it was the right decision. He is going to get a much higher quality ring for less money than the big box store. In fact, I purchased my wife’s engagement & wedding rings from Sam and I have referred many other friends to Sam over the years and everyone of them has made a purchase through Sam. There is a very good reason why, Sam is honest, kind and he truly cares about his customers. I was shocked when I saw a negative review on here about Sam because that is not the man I know. Because of that review I felt motivated to write this one. Do yourself a favor and just go and talk to him. Sam can work with just about any budget. Spend a little time in his store and get a feel for the kind of person he is. He’s been in the jewelry business a long time and is very knowledgeable and in my opinion, Sam is a man of character. He will treat you like a friend.

Mike M.
Long Beach, CA


After going to all the jewelry stores in the mall we went to Modern Jewelry Mart. The moment we walked into Sam’s store it was a completely unique experience. Our eyes went directly to the show cases that had quality second to none. Sam was extremely informative in his knowledge of diamonds and precious metals. He was great listener and custom designed the perfect wedding ring set for my fiance. He even took a photo of us and in the bottom right corner is a picture of the wedding ring set! No more shopping malls for us, Sam is the Man!

Gary I.
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA


When our house was robbed recently, they took all of my wife’s jewelry. We (especially her) were in complete dismay. Of all the pieces stolen, my wife’s engagement ring was her most sentimental piece as it included a diamond that was an heirloom from her Grandfather. She was so depressed. Fortunately, we’d been buying jewelry from MJM for nearly 15 years and had built a personal relationship with the owner, Sam, and his family. Over the years, my wife has purchased some very unique and high quality pieces. Her favorites are from Italy. Through this relationship, we knew that Sam had a master jeweler who hand makes pieces. So, after we received our insurance settlement. I took my wife to see Sam to make a matching ring. It was very important that the diamond be an “old” cut to match her Grandfather’s diamond. We were very happy to know that Sam had an appropriate selection of “old” cut diamonds with great quality. Sam quoted us a very fair price and promised complete satisfaction. When the big day came to pick up the ring, my wife was overcome with emotion as the new ring was absolutely stunning and looked exactly like the one that was stolen. The matched pair (wedding band and engagement ring) is now inseparable. My wife now wears them together all the time as they mean so much to her. In a few years, we will celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary at which time we will renew our vows and have the replacement ring blessed. We can’t thank Sam enough for continuing to deliver outstanding personalized service. Sam, you saved my wife which no one can put a price on. We highly recommend MJM for all your jewelry needs.

Brian F.
Torrance, CA


Sam was very professional and inviting to his store. There were many beautiful pieces to look at 🙂 and I would love to purchase more. However, I simply visited his store – for the first time – and was originally purchasing a replacement battery for my watch. I also was in hopes to purchase a gold neck chain – but was also being cautious on how much I was able to spend. Sam was very thoughtful and gave me a great price on the neck chain and a bonus with the watch battery. We had a wonderful chat and I plan to recommend him and also return for my “wish list” items… 🙂 I hope he has great success.

Elizabeth M.
Long Beach, CA


Sam made shopping for our wedding rings a very special experience! He has a beautiful showroom with stunning show cases filled with exceptional collections.
He is a charming gentleman with total knowledge of fine diamonds and precious metal. He is sincere in his quest for excellence and helping you find your hearts desire.
He has become a true friend. I will always refer him to my friends and family.

Judy E.
Hemet, CA


My wife and I Have done business with Sam and his wife since the early 80s.
Sam has designed and made jewelry for both of us. We have had many compliments
of Sam’s Art of jewelry. He is fair and ethical. We still go to Sam for or needs and wants. My entire family now uses Sam. I would not even think of changing.
Sam and his wife have become very close friends and I have a very high respect for them.

Don B.
Torrance, CA