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DBN575 DBN327 DBN444 DBN256
DBN592 DBN549W DBN591 DBN546


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DBN582 DBN590 DBN577 DBN576


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DBN315 DBN521 DBN562 DBN567
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Nari V

The experience of selecting an engagement/wedding ring with Sam at Modern Jewelers was unforgettable and wonderful. Sam is such a warm person who generously shares sage advice about life, love, and jewelry. He is also a skilled jeweler with impeccable taste. Believe what you read Yelpers, Sam is the real deal. So much so, it’s hard to fit this review into the context of a Yelp review. Excellent customer service. Absolutely true, but feels strange to say about a friend or family member, and that’s how welcomed Sam will make you feel at Modern Jewelers. The first surprise engagement ring my (now) husband selected for me was much too big, so we went to Modern Jewelers together for resizing. Once there, Sam welcomed me, and saw that the ring I’d brought in was perhaps not the right style for me. He asked me about my ring preferences and took time to understand us as a couple. He carefully curated a selection of styles and diamonds to show us. What started out as a ring resizing turned into a completely different custom ring, handcrafted by Sam. Sam made every effort to ensure that the ring buying process was stress-free and reflective of our pivotal moment. When I look at my beautiful sparkling ring, I have so many happy memories to reflect on. 

Truman P

My fiancé and I recently bought an engagement ring from Modern Jewelers. After spending a day going to various jewelers around the south bay, we had not found any options that perfectly matched our tastes and budget. We visited Modern Jewelers as a last stop on the search before proceeding with a decent ring we had seen at a jeweler earlier. We couldn’t be happier with the result!

Although no rings in the shop matched what we were looking for, Sam quickly hand-sketched a ring design that articulated the vision in our heads. He guided us through the entire process of making a custom, unique and perfect ring for my fiancé from scratch. From the initial 3-D model to the gemstone selection and the wax prototype, Sam made sure my fiancé and I were involved and satisfied with every step.

Based on our initial research and shopping, I didn’t expected such a stunning ring to fall within my budget, but Sam was absolutely committed to making sure my fiancé and I had the perfect ring to match our new commitment. We look forward to visiting again twice a year for the included maintenance and cleanings!


Sam and his team at Modern Jewelers has helped make my dream come true. With their help my fiancé was able to find the most beautiful engagement ring that I am so proud to wear. We have gone back to Modern Jewelers to look for wedding bands and Sam makes the experience so smooth and fun. I have full confidence in his opinions and what he thinks would look best for me! Highly recommend Modern Jewelers to anyone looking for great quality jewelry!


Modern Jewelers was an amazing experience! Sam and his team made choosing an engagement ring stress-free and enjoyable. Sam educates you through each step of the process with a patient approach. This made the experience feel pressure free for such a life changing purchase. Sam is knowledgeable and helps you feel confident in choosing the perfect diamond and setting. In addition to walking you through the process, he also takes pictures of you while looking at designing the perfect engagement ring. My fiancé loved the pictures and made the proposal even more special. I highly recommend Modern Jewelers! You will not be disappointed!

jinah K
I bought a very inexpensive ring at another store because I fell in love with the design and took it to Modern Jewelers to ask Sam to make the replica of the ring with real diamonds and 14 karat gold. I wanted the band of the ring to be very thin like the original one but he recommended I should go a little thicker on the band or it might be too fragile and break. Also in order to save some money for now, I was going to use the stone from the original, inexpensive ring. Sam suggested I replace the center stone with a real London topaz as I was already going through so much work. He said he wanted to do these adjustments because since I wanted a custom ring done, it should be done well so it could become a family heirloom and last for generations to come. I went with his recommendations. Few days later Sam called me to let me know that the ring was ready for pick up. Oh my goodness!!!! The ring was exactly the same design as the original but only better!!! With the gold and high quality diamonds and London blue topaz, the ring was absolutely amazing!!!!
Keith T
I was in the market for a anniversary ring. I’ve gone to several local jewelry stores and was less then pleased. A family member recommended MJM so we went there in search of a anniversary gift. I had previously been to that store and was introduced to the owner; Sam. I was reintroduced to Sam and after explaining what I was in search of, he showed me several anniversary rings. He took the time to explain the quality of each ring. Needlessly to say, I’m very tight with my hard earned retirement money but after viewing a few items, I was sold on an extremely nice anniversary ring for my wife. Sam gave me a good deal on the ring. I know it was a good deal because I went to a few other jewelry stores later that day and was taken back by their prices. Thank you Sam for your professionalism and friendliness. You have yourself a committed customer.

Where do I begin. My boyfriend wanted to give me a Promise Ring…we’ve both been married before and he wanted to give me something special to show his commitment and desire to growing love again.

I wanted an opal. I imagined an opal with halo diamonds. I had a very clear idea of what I would LOVE. We went to a few jewelry shops in the South Bay. We walked into Modern Jewelers and were greeted by Sam. Sam gave us the ‘white glove’ hospitality like we’ve not experienced at the other places. All I did was described what I wanted….he drew it out in pencil…showed us a few opals to decide on and voila! He created a CAD drawing and our ring was on its way to custom design and order.

THANK YOU, Sam!! I think I know exactly where I want my birthday/Christmas/Mother’s Day gifts to come from!

Christine Mok

My relationship with Modern Jewelers began in 2003. My husband desired that I finally choose a wedding ring setting for our 10-year anniversary. (A temporary setting was used for the engagement and never replaced.) After explaining my concerns and describing my style preferences, Sam sketched and presented a design concept. I was well-pleased with the outcome in appearance and wearability due to Sam’s attention to fine detail combined with exquisite quality. Simple elegance without being “too much” for my petite finger and daily activity – just as I requested. Thereafter, Modern Jewelers has been my reliable jeweler for selecting celebration pieces, redesigning family heirlooms, and occasional cleanings. Sam is someone that has gained my trust that I trust him to care for family and friends in the same consistent and professional manner. Photos by Sam: (Our pieces were ready, as the pandemic began to shutdown businesses. We eventually made an appointment for a “careful Covid-19 pick-up.” And, as always, we were warmly greeted by Sam. We felt his smile behind the mask.) – We are examining my MJ designed and cleaned wedding ring. – A referred and satisfied family member with her repaired ring. – A first look at my latest acquisition, which incorporated every feature I wanted. More lovely than I envisioned. (Thank you, once again, Sam of Modern Jewelers!)

Ghanbari, Zareh
Finally found a jewelry store I can trust. Prior to turning in my wife’s engagement ring to replace a prong, Sam had me inspect my ring with a magnifying glass to identify my wife’s diamond (so that I would know the same diamond was being returned to me). I really appreciated that extra step. He also offered to clean the ring and return it to me before Christmas. A few days later my ring was ready and looked brand spanking new! I had actually forgotten how beautiful the ring was in its original condition. I can’t wait to surprise my wife. So happy to find this business as all the workers look like they really enjoy what they do as they seemed excited for my wife’s surprise.
Sam was amazing with helping my husband and I pick out our wedding bands and helping reset the stone in my original engagement ring to a new setting. It was even better then the both of us expected. We had a beautiful experience and felt so welcomed every time we went.
I’ve been looking for diamond earring jackets for several years. Sam had a lovely collection that he designed himself. I fell in love with this set. They are perfect with any studs – diamond, pearl, colored stone. I really love the way they swing and catch the light. So sparkly! Thank you Sam!
Greg J

Buying an engagement ring is a HUGE purchase and I am so thankful my fiancé found Sam at Modern Jewelers. Not only did Sam help him pick out an incredible ring but he provided both of us with the most memorable customer service I have ever experienced. This is definitely not your corporate jewelry store, this is a family run, local business that actually cares about their customers. Jewelry buying always intimidated me but I feel so comfortable talking with Sam and listening to his honest opinions. If you have been searching for your forever jeweler, this is the one!


Buying an engagement ring is a HUGE purchase and I am so thankful my fiancé found Sam at Modern Jewelers. Not only did Sam help him pick out an incredible ring but he provided both of us with the most memorable customer service I have ever experienced. This is definitely not your corporate jewelry store, this is a family run, local business that actually cares about their customers. Jewelry buying always intimidated me but I feel so comfortable talking with Sam and listening to his honest opinions. If you have been searching for your forever jeweler, this is the one!

Sam and his staff are such a pleasure. I’ve had gold chains repaired, watch batteries installed, watch resized, and did a deep cleaning and polishing of my wife’s wedding ring. I don’t think we had a cleaning since being married… 28 years. I highly recommend any of his services. Beautiful job and very happy with the results. Sam and his staff are awesome.
Katie P
Modern Jewelers is wonderful, and I’ve been telling everyone I know about Sam and his team since they helped me and my fiance create a custom engagement ring and men’s wedding band. Intrigued by the plethora of stellar reviews here and on Google, my fiance and I went to Modern Jewelers for the first time expecting only to look around before heading over to some other jewelers to do the same. But Sam dove right into understanding our preferences, and he created two engagement ring designs for us to consider. We had such a wonderful experience with him that we didnt even bother to look elsewhere. He takes his time at every step of the process to ensure his customers are completely satisfied with his service. I will definitely ask Sam to help me with my wedding band as well when the time comes.
Judy S - Eye glasses

I have a pair of Bada Grace eye glass frames that have intricate little leaves on them. I love them. I have had them since the early 90s. Last November, one side piece broke off right at
the hinge. I took it to my optometrist for repair but was distressed to hear that they were not repairable. I called a friend (in the O.C.) who is an optometrist and asked her if indeed they were not repairable and she said even if I were able to find someone to reattach the side piece, “I wouldn’t like it.”

3 months later, I found myself thinking there has to be someone who can fix my Bada glasses. It occurred to me then, to try a jewelry repair shop. After reading Yelp reviews, it was clear that there was only one place to try, Modern Jewelers.

Sam was just as others had written: accommodating and attentive. At first, though, he said he could not fix my glasses – he had never repaired eye glasses before – but after I asked if he could try, he said with conviction, “Okay, I will try.”

Sam was able to repair my treasured Bada glasses. He said he surprised himself.

More than a good businessman and skilled jeweler, Sam is a happy, joyful and positive man, which makes all things possible for him.

Appreciation and applause to Sam!


Thank you fellow Yelpers for steering me to Modern Jewelry Mart. The owner Sam is a fantastic, warm and friendly man. When I found this business on Yelp, I messaged them to get a estimate on fixing a diamond I knocked out of my eternity band and lost in a rollerblading accident. He replied the next day with rough numbers and told me to come on in. I got a few estimate from other companies, but I went with Sam because he was the only jeweler to comment on the high quality of the stones and the need for a master jeweler who knew platinum. I felt very comfortable with his knowledge. When I picked up my ring Sam informed me that my serial number and Cartier insignia were clear and intact. He warned that some jewelers will over polish and destroy the inner serial number. I did not know that. His price is very reasonable, and the works is flawless. My 8 year old ring looks brand new!! He encouraged me to come in twice a year to have my stones checked and cleaned for free. He really takes care of his clients. AND we got an impromptu photo shoot. The pics turned out great =). (This was a real photo shoot with an expensive camera shot outdoors with multiple pics.) Yelp Check In for a discount on Seiko watches.

Ian J

I went to Sam at Modern Jewelers after a long search for the perfect engagement ring. From the moment I walked into the store and met Sam, I felt at ease knowing that he was going to exceed my expectations. He took my idea and crafted a custom one-of-a-kind engagement ring that was absolutely stunning. Even the puppy approved!

Needless to say, after the engagement we went back to get our wedding bands. Once again, Sam made the experience one for the books and we even did an impromptu photo shoot. Did I mention he is a professional photographer? We had so much fun and will be visiting Sam at Modern Jewelers for any future purchases.

I highly recommend Modern Jewelers. Sam will take care of you and make sure that you will be walking out of his store with the best quality jewelry around.


Covid has made everything I own shrink. For some reason nothing fits any more. Sigh. Ok ok. So I’ve had a case of the pandemic 10-15ish. My engagement and wedding rings were feeling uncomfortably tight. I’ve been hesitant on trusting just anyone with my ring but I found this gem of a place through yelp. Sam put me at ease as soon as I stepped in the door. He’s so warm and friendly and funny! My ring was resized in under a week and cleaned beautifully! I literally gasped when I saw it today. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it sparkle so brightly. He invited me to bring my rings back every six months to get the prongs checked and cleaned FOR FREE. Would enthusiastically recommend this place!

Sam is exceptional! I found his store on Yelp and decided to give Modern Jewelers a try. My fiancé and I went in to see if we could get my engagement ring and two other bands resized, which we purchased from an online jeweler, to prevent them from sliding around on my finger. Sam recommended that instead of getting them resized, he could connect the two bands together and allow my engagement ring to fit perfectly in the middle of the two bands while still allowing me to remove my engagement ring if I wanted to. I absolutely loved that idea and agreed. Sam went above and beyond with my rings! Not only did he do a seamless job connecting the two bands, but he also polished all three of my rings, making them look flawless. I still can’t get over the sparkle! My rings fit better than over! They no longer slide around on my finger and the best part is my engagement ring sits perfectly in the center without any gaps. My fiancé and I are thrilled with our experience at Modern Jewelers!

After receiving a ring from an online retailer that was truly sub-par, I began reaching out to local jewelers to see if they could make the same ring in higher quality. I called at least 5 different shops, and visited several others, before deciding to see Sam here at Modern Jewelers, and it was the best decision I could have made! Not only did he have his Master Craftsman (important term) do a BEAUTIFUL duplication of what we wanted, but he was able to truly customize it even further to make the PERFECT engagement ring for my fiancé. On top of that, he really went above and beyond in meeting some deadlines for us, and really just being honest and helpful in every way imaginable. He even put his photography skills to work and snapped a few shots of us “in the moment”. I feel very lucky to have found this place, and will certainly be returning.

Thank you, Sam!

Working with Sam was amazing. He had to resize our ring twice since we estimated the size incorrectly. Super high-quality work both times. The ring looks absolutely gorgeous and brand new, even though it’s 20+ years old. Will be coming back here for more jewelry help! Shout out to Sam for the gorgeous photos.

I have been working with Sam for over 13 years and with him I truly feel that I have found a friend that I can trust. Sam is always a pleasure to work with and I know he is always going to show me beautiful pieces and a GREAT price. He never pushes or rushes me and he was even able to create my dream custom ring exactly how I wanted it for an amazing price… and FAST.  I was literally breathless when he presented me with the ring…. it is beyond amazing. I still fall in love every time I look at the ring and I get compliments on it almost every day.

With Sam I know I have a friend I can trust in the jewelry business and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for gorgeous, quality jewelry and extremely competitive prices.

I am so happy my fiancé found Modern Jewelers! I’ve never been much of a jewelry person, but I knew I wanted something different and memorable for my engagement ring. From the moment we walked into the store and met Sam, we felt like we were family! He took his time to get to know us and asked me what I wanted in detail and he very quickly knew the custom ring he wanted to make for me. For the next few weeks, Sam and my fiancé worked together to make the ring. A few weeks later, my fiancé’s birthday was coming up and I knew I had to see Sam. Since Sam already knew us, he helped me pick the most perfect 14K gold chain that my fiancé loved and never takes off. A few weeks after that, my fiancé finally proposed and the ring he created with Sam was more beautiful and perfect than I could have ever imagined! Sam really hit it out of the ballpark with the design and I’m constantly getting compliments on my ring. Thank you Sam for most recently also creating our wedding bands! You have earned our business for life and will recommend you to anyone looking for quality, customer service, and the vision to make that special piece come to life!

The ABSOLUTE BEST customer service! I needed to get a bracelet resized after a not-so-great experience with a previous jeweler. Sam(the owner) took one look at my bracelet and knew it was too large for me. He took it in and resized it for me. After a week, I got a call to pick it up. But, it was still a bit large for my liking. I wanted it to stack perfectly with my other bracelet. Without hesitation, Sam took it in again and made sure to size it perfectly for my liking – with no additional charge!! I was so impressed with this service – my trust and satisfaction were truly a priority to Sam and Modern Jewelers. I found them on Yelp and read so many positive reviews – they were all true! The customer service was excellent! No middle man, everything done in house. I felt so welcomed in the store. I was able to see and try on anything I wanted. I love that they aren’t pushy – I was truly able to window shop without being rushed. I’m definitely going back to this place. Don’t even think twice about it – just go check them out!

Lauren S
Simply, perfection. Sam is a true expert and artist. He helped my now husband design the most beautiful ring using his grandmother’s diamond, and I could not have been more overjoyed when he surprised me with the most beautiful and one-of-kind engagement ring. We also worked with Sam to design our wedding bands, and he was so attentive and respected our thoughts and requests for what we were looking for. Thank you, Modern Jewelers!!
Carla M
I found this amazing jewelry store on Yelp. The positive reviews are credible endorsements of Sam’s exceptional craftsmanship and service. I had several pieces of jewelry that were in need of repair, diamond replacement, bracelet link removal, bracelet solder, necklace clasp, and earring stem repair. From the moment I walked in the door, Sam warmly greeted me and explained the repair process in detail for each piece of jewelry. I felt confident leaving my jewelry. Very quick turnaround and I was extremely pleased with the workmanship. My jewelry was polished, sparkly and restored with quality repairs. Thank you Sam for your impeccable customer service!
I had a great experience purchasing my engagement ring from Modern Jewelers with Sam’s guidance. I had a general idea of what I wanted and a budget in mind and Sam really nailed it out of the park while keeping me within my budget. Not only that but Sam really makes you feel comfortable and at ease when making these big purchase decisions. He made the whole experience very personal and special and I came away with a ring I was very happy to propose with. He also offered a complimentary resize to ensure it was a perfect fit. I’m really happy I came to Sam’s shop, and plan to do jewelry-related business with him in the future.
Jaurez, Andrew _ Bree

I can’t say enough good things about Sam and Modern Jewelers. They are professional and detail oriented in every way. My fiance had my engagement ring custom made a few months ago and surprised me with it. (I’ll admit, I had some input into the initial design ideas, but the actual final product was all the brainchild of Sam and my fiance.)

Sam took the time to meet and get to know my fiance, and by extension, got to know our backstory as a couple. Sam also took the time to ask my fiance about me and took my tastes into account when designing my ring. He spent several consultations over about three months to get the perfect design that both my fiance and I would be happy with. And the final product came out better than I could have imagined: it is beautifully crafted, wonderfully intricate, and completely unique.

Escobar, Lisa
Let me start by emphasizing how trustworthy & exceptional Sam, owner of Modern Jewelry Mart is. I have conducting business with Sam for over 15 years & I do not trust anyone else with my jewelry. I have relocated far but I still drive all the way back to Sam’s business for any and all of my jewelry needs. Whether I am in the market to buy something new or in the need of repairing something old I will literally wait until I can arrange for a road trip to Sam’s Modern Jewelry Mart. Their customer service is impeccable, trust has been built and I am fully secure that everything will be completed accurately, with precession, and immaculately done. Sam is about quality and I appreciate that because it matters to me.
David I
As others have said it is difficult to put into words what a wonderful experience my fiance and I have had with Sam at Modern Jewelers. He is extremely thoughtful and it is apparent through his words and actions that his only goal is to make sure his customers are happy. He will prioritize your needs and truly does make you feel like part of his family. Something I didn’t like about other jewelry stores was the sales centric atmosphere but at Modern Jewelers Sam never pressures you into a purchase let alone anything outside of your budget. He rightfully takes pride in his work which is evident in the quality of his pieces. We had originally come in to browse but after talking to Sam for some time about how we met and what we were thinking he made some beautiful suggestions and the choice was clear. He promised to take care of us and has not let us down yet.
Elizabeth S
Where do I start? Sam and the staff at Modern Jewelers are so exceptional to work with. He’s extremely knowledgeable and has been in business for years. We came to him for help with our engagement ring after another place did an imperfect resizing job. The mistakes were really noticeable but Sam assured us he and his team would take care of it and made us feel like we were in great hands. When we picked up the ring, it looked completely brand new! Sam and his team did a PERFECT job and couldn’t be happier with the results. We are definitely going to visit him again when we want to pick out our wedding bands. I’m also going to take all my fine jewelry pieces here. Exceptional service, attitude and craftsmanship. Thank you Sam and Modern Jewelers!

My family and I had a fantastic and memorable experience shopping at Modern Jewelers. We shopped for a bracelet for my grandmother’s birthday, and Sam helped us find a beautiful gold bracelet with a large clasp that my grandmother can open easily. The bracelet was too small for her wrists and so we asked Sam to add a few links. Since adding the links would cause the gift to be ready after my grandmother’s birthday, Sam had the great idea of taking pictures of everyone and the bracelet so that there would still be a gift to give while the bracelet was worked on. My grandmother was so thrilled with the pictures! When the bracelet was ready, Sam asked for the whole family to come pick it up together and he took more pictures. So my grandmother not only got a beautiful bracelet, she also got lovely pictures of the whole family. She still talks about her special experience at Modern Jewelers. I would recommend Modern Jewelers to anyone. Not only was the jewelry itself really charming, but the shopping experience was very special. It’s clear that Sam really cares about his customers.


My fiancé has been buying me jewelry from Sam for a while now, so when it was time to buy an engagement ring he took me in to meet the man. I had a great time trying on all the rings. Sam shared lots of information and great stories, had me laughing the whole time. We picked out a beautiful ring with Sam’s guidance. Sam had it specially made to fit my finger. I never wear rings because it is so hard to find them in my size. Sam was able to size my finger, and the ring fits perfectly, not to big and not too small. I was a little worried because I have fingers that taper quite a bit. So the ring was ready in a couple weeks,. When we picked it up we had a mini photo session, which was also lots of fun. Sam got some great pictures, and shared them with us. I love my engagement ring so much, it is well made and very comfortable to wear. I have received lots of compliments too. I can’t imagine going anywhere else for my jewelry needs.


Sam is THE BEST. My fiance and I both wanted to propose to each other and design each other custom rings without the other seeing. Sam helped us each separately, while keeping the rings all secret from the other! I came in with a color pencil drawing and idea of how I wanted my fiance’s ring to look, and Sam helped me bring this vision to life. The ring looks almost exactly like what I pictured, but better. My fiance brought Sam loose heirloom stones from his grandmother and a rendering of his vision for my ring, and again, Sam helped him to design the perfect custom ring using the stones. Both rings are so unique, stunning, and perfectly made. We both had very unique and unusual requests and asked for salt and pepper diamonds and Sam sourced them quickly and gave us amazing options to choose from. He never shied away from our unusual ideas! He is truly an artist, as well as such a fun and genuine person to work with. Every visit to his store was so much fun and he made the whole process so enjoyable. He really involved us in the process, from editing our drawings to creating wax molds or CAD renderings to review with us. He took professional photos at every visit and we have those memories of designing each others’ rings forever! I cannot recommend him highly enough!


When my mother handed down her precious diamond wedding ring my father gave her, I wanted to be able to wear the ring but knew it needed to be re-set because of the outdated style. After reading a ton of reviews on Yelp I decided to take a chance on Modern Jewelers. From the moment I walked in, I felt welcomed by Sam. He was attentive to my expectations of what I envisioned the new setting to be. In a matter of minutes he understood my style and pulled out a ring that was perfect! When I returned to pick up the finished ring, I was speechless. The new setting along with my mother’s pear diamond was ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING!!!

Not only did Sam re-set my mother’s ring, he also found me a pair of round diamond solitaire studs that were beyond my expectations! I will most definitely continue to do business with Sam and Modern Jewelers!

I came to the store to resize my wife’s ring. The work was done perfectly. I end up buying a chain that Sam special order for me. I am not a jewelry frequent buyer, but if I need something I will definitely come to this store. It feels like a family business and you are a part of this family.