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Why Name Change?

When we first started our jewelry business in 1991 at the Torrance Promenade,we were one of twenty four businesses that have a booth in the Torrance Jewelry Mart. At the time, our business was named Modern Diamond Jewelry.

In 1998 the Torrance Jewelry Mart’s lease expired and we decided to relocate to a cozy corner retail space at the Rolling Hills Plaza. We named our new store Modern Jewelry Mart. We chose “Jewelry Mart” to convey large selections and low prices.

Over the years, our venders and customers have suggested “Jewelry Mart” also known as low quality. On the contrary, what we’re offering is high quality jewelry. Our diamonds are very sparkle; the Italian gold collection is very stylish; our services are very personal; our customers feel like old friends. No wonder, we have 84 all 5-star Yelp reviews.

The redesigning of our logo was fun. Our top priority is to keep it simple and incorporate some of the original design into the new one.

With many feedbacks from customers and friends, we ended with this final rendition.

The icing on the cake when we added a diamond shape cutout into the background. We feel that at a glance, people will see this is a jewelry related businesses.