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We have strong resources with Diamond Manufacturers around the world to provide you with the diamonds your heart desires. Our selection includes Round Brilliant Cut, Cushion Cut, Emerald Cut and many other cuts and shapes in a variety of colors, clarity and sizes.

We offer two types of diamond certification – Gia and EGL USA. Based on our experience, these are the only two certifications that can be trusted, as they are well recognized around the world.

Our mission is to make buying diamonds simple and fun. We can speak in technical terms or in plain English and offer you our best suggestions and recommendations, like we would to a good friend, based on your needs and preferences so you end up with the best brilliant diamond for your buck.

There’s no better way to experience and appreciate the beauty of fine quality diamonds in person. They speak to you with their sharp reflections and dazzled you with rainbow of colors. Make an appointment with us today and be prepared to be mesmerized by the beauty of a gorgeous diamond and professionally presented by a gemologist that speaks your language.

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