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The other day, a good friend of mine asked me a question with a look of discontent on his face. He said, “I already read all about the 4 Cs (color, clarity, cut and carat) and I’m still confused about choosing the right diamond. What would you recommend? If I want a white looking diamond that doesn’t have any visible flaws, shines like there is no tomorrow, and is as big as possible while keeping the cost down?

I assured him there is a simple solution to his quest. I suggested that he get a diamond in G-H color (high end of near colorless), SI clarity (clean to the naked eye) with very good cutting grade so it will reflect crisp and sharp reflections. I also recommend making sure the chosen diamond is certified by EGL or GIA and nobody else. Once all those criteria are met, then you go for the size and get as big as your budget allows. That’s it!

If you’re still confused about choosing the right diamond, please make an appointment and I will talk to you like a good friend and show you the differences in quality and size so that you can make an informed decision without too much hassle. That’s my promise to you – keeping it simple.