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In 1881, Kintaro Hattori opened a clock repair store in Central Tokyo. From the very start, he was determined to set himself apart, to be “always one step ahead of the rest.” By the age of 30, he was already making his mark as an importer of fine pocket watches and clocks, but his dream was always to become a manufacturer. And in 1892, that dream was realized, when Kintaro founded the Seiko factory, producing sophisticated wall clocks.

Seiko is the Japanese word for precision, and so Kintaro proudly named his factory in Ginza “Seiko-sha” —The House of Precision — creating a culture of unyielding quality and accuracy right from the company’s humble birth. By 1895, Kintaro expanded and constructed the Seiko building, crowning it with the Seiko clock tower, which in those days in Tokyo instantly became an iconic landmark.

Years later, the Great Kanto Earthquake and fireof 1925 destroyed this building and its contents, but neither would shake nor extinguish Kintaro’s spirit. Every customer’s watch that was tragically lost, Kintaro replaced free of charge, emblematic of his unwavering commitment to those who invested in his exceptional product. Unfazed and forward-minded, the company persevered, rebuilding on the same spot in 1932, and inspired even further by the public’s deepened respect and admiration for the Seiko brand.

From founder to son to grandson and beyond, each Seiko head across the generations has upheld this devotion to brand and customer – and has for over 135 years. This pledge is what has driven Seiko’s storied history since the days of Kintaro Hattori and will continue to ensure the company’s longevity and prosperity for generations to come. It is this indefatigable vision and philosophy that embodies a core belief at Seiko: that in life we are called to do more than mark time; we must leave our mark on life.

Today, we invite you to do the same, to master every moment… with Seiko.