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First, let me explain the general idea of what a typical rhodium plating process involves. It is the electroplating which causes the solution to permanently bond to the jewelry surface. The solutions typically consist of rhodium sulfate, sulfuric acid and water. Before your jewelry is rhodium plated, it must go through a number of stages such as removing all scratches, getting polished and then steam cleaned. If your jewelry needs to be re-plated, the old plating must be removed.

The lifespan of rhodium plating will vary and depends on a number of factors, including the amount of wear your jewelry receives, the quality of the plating and the color of the underlying gold.  Rhodium plated jewelry that is subject to a lot of wear, such as a ring, may only last anywhere between six to twelve months, whereas a necklace or a pair of earrings which typically comes with less wear and tear (worn less), can retain its plating for five years or more.

So what is the difference between rhodium plating and platinum plating?

Nothing! There is no difference between the two. Some jewelers call it platinum plating just to give them a chance to charge you more.

At Modern Jewelry Mart, we call it rhodium plating and we give your jewelry a heavy coat of the plating so it will last longer. The next time you need rhodium services, we invite you to visit us.