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Solutions to Drooping Earrings

Earrings are designed to look their best when they are prominently displayed on your ear lobes.

Some of the common causes of drooping earrings are due to heavy earrings, too large in size, the opening pierced has enlarged, or the lobes are losing their firmness.

Here are our three solutions:

1. You can replace your existing gold or platinum backing with larger ones. The downside is larger backs can be costly due to precious metal content. Depending on the size of your ear lobes, the backing may also be exposed from the front.

2. To keep the cost down, you can use non-precious metal content such as stainless steel or silver. The downside is they are not precious metal to match/complement your earrings.

3. Your third option, which happens to be Sam’s all time favorite. You can insert a clear plastic disk between the back of your ear lobes and the earring backs. This will provide the support that you need. Since the disks are clear, they will not stand out if they are somewhat exposed and you don’t need to replace your existing backings. So what is the downside? At this time, there is nothing we can think of. And best of all, they are free at Modern Jewelry Mart. As matter of fact, come to visit Sam today and he’ll give you two pairs of disks and don’t be surprised if he also offers to clean your earrings for free as well.