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Alright, diamonds don’t actually physically shrink over time, but psychologically they do. I encourage you to ask any woman and most likely you will hear the answer “yes.” Believe it or not, some diamonds start to shrink as early as 6 months from the day they were presented.

So what type of preventive measures or solutions should one consider, you ask?

The preventive measure:  Start big – as big as possible. This way, it takes longer before the shrinking process starts. Sam will show you ways to acquire fine quality diamonds and to go all out on size without breaking the bank.

The solution:  When guys first propose, they may not be quite financially established yet. That was me when I first proposed to my wife, too. Now that things are looking much better, let’s give her something that she deserves and show her how much you appreciate having her in your life. Call Sam today and he will prepare what you have in mind and offer his suggestions and recommendations that will best fit your needs.